From Imagination to Reality at Mobile World Congress 2022

Jack Morton

Client: Ericsson

After two years of absence due to the pandemic, the anticipation for MWC 2022 was incredibly high. Armed with a new brand vision, Ericsson’s purpose was to reconnect with their customers and discuss business. To most demonstrate exciting new technologies, and their industry leading vision for the future of limitless connectivity in 2030 through a self-explore experience.

So, what will life be like in 2030? We needed to activate the audience’s imagination and transport them into the future. The pandemic limited innovation, sensory stimulation and emotive storytelling. Our challenge, to create something so unique and inspiring in order to re activate their imagination. We built a 1,000m2 immersive journey, The Imagine Possible Experience. An experience to fully embrace Ericsson’s vision of the future and, rather than a flat vision, allow people to step into it and experience it for themselves with a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience. A narrative-driven journey, presenting how Ericsson limitless connectivity reshaping aspects of business, entertainment, society and individual lives. The experience housed six custom built multi layered rooms, each designed to project an optimistic vision of the future in 2030. Each room utilised a combination of live action content, CGI animation, industrial robots, synchronised lighting, custom designed 3D printed products, reflective surfaces and event scents. Through the multi-sensory landscape, the audience were drawn in through exciting touchpoints, gaining insight into the possibilities of Ericssons future and to get people excited, wanting to learn more and to communicate this to other attendees.