Client: Fritos®

Fritos took Summerfest by storm, creating a culinary experience for Heartland Millennials at the largest music festival in the US. Each weekend, we opened our doors to thousands of fans, bringing them through a three-part, immersive activation. We designed each space around the past, present, and future, and had a Fritos dish for each era: Fritos® Chili Pie, Fritos® & White Bean Hummus, and Fritos® Sticky Vanilla Rice Pudding, respectively.

Throughout the experience, we served up over 48,000 samples to fans, old and new. As they journeyed through the space, we brought them a taste of grandma’s table and then pushed them out of their comfort zone with a taste of and a look at what’s next. Every guest who visited got their fill of Fritos inspiration before heading home to cook up their own innovations.