Fly Away Isles


Client: LEGO

LEGO believes the world needs more play.

But in cities around the world, play spaces are not a priority. Play is strongly related to cognitive development and emotional well-being. 87% of employed adults say skills they learn from play have helped them achieve success in their careers. There are many areas in the world that, due to socio-economic pressures, are not able to provide children with meaningful, safe and creative spaces to play and therefore inspire them to build change in their lives and their communities. It was time to change that. LEGO partnered with a west Harlem-based NGO called Brotherhood Sister Sol to uncover how the they could create meaningful change in the community. But rather than working with the adult figureheads behind the organisation, we tapped into the minds of the ones who benefit from play most - and use their playful creativity to build change in the community they’re a part of. 30 West Harlem kids + Thousands of LEGO bricks + their ideas = a solution to prioritising play in the community. Introducing… Fly Away Isles. New York City’s first ever playspace designed by kids. From a rocket ship, to volcanoes, to friendly snakes and beyond - the ideas that the kids of Brotherhood Sister Sol came up with, through the action of LEGO play, were turned into the colourful and vibrant play pieces that were installed in their very own community. Resulting in a delightful space that unlocked children’s imaginations and enabled learning from play.