FIFA 'Football Unites the World' Exhibition


Client: FIFA

FIFA’s “Football Unites the World” Expo took place at FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Catapult’s brief was to create a standout visitor experience showcasing the best of FIFA’s work in promoting and developing football programmes around the world.

Running for the entire tournament duration over 31 days, we invited an expansive audience of core fans, media, FIFA VIPS, delegates, the general public and FIFA legends to experience how FIFA brings opportunity to every corner of the planet through football. To truly reflect the strategic magnitude of FIFA’s “Football Unites the World” core message, we created a single standout structure with an illuminated entrance that welcomed guests in over 200 languages. Through a series of interactive exhibitions, immersive storytelling, interactive content, AR/VR and a bespoke CMS, we took fans on an experiential journey chronicling FIFA’s work in championing football across the globe. Over 31 days nearly 300,000 guests experienced the exhibition. The content created resulted in a permanent catalogue of FIFA’s global initiatives and is being used to tell the FIFA story on a continuous basis at tournaments and Expos all around the World - including the recent Women's World Cup 2023.