Festival of Speed - Future Lab


Client: Goodwood

Festival of Speed is the world's greatest celebration of motorsport and car culture. Held every summer at Goodwood Estate, UK it attracts over 200,000 people. Catapult’s brief was to position FutureLab as the leading tech innovation expo for the automotive industry.

Partnering with the best curators, we identified leading industry innovators to showcase the future of mobility. Visitors were engaged, educated and entertained through cutting edge interactive experiences from companies shaping the future. This year's theme was ‘Technology for a Better World’ comprising of four key areas. Beyond Earth, For Earth: Exploring the latest innovations in space transportation, research missions and ‘space as a service’. Powering the Future: Investigating solutions to power the future efficiently, cleanly and at speed. Mobility on a Mission: Presenting how new mobility solutions benefit industry, keep humans safe and protect the planet. Simulated Worlds: Showcasing how virtual platforms benefit industry, culture, education and health. An impressive single exhibition structure was created to facilitate exhibitor products, personalities and brand ambitions. The stature of the pavilion design provoked abundant curiosity with displays varying from a full scale model of a lunar lander, a fully self-driving indie car and an automated asparagus picker, right through to the latest robotic healthcare assistant and electric passenger jets. Attendees increased to over 80,000 in 2023. FutureLab’s success lies in the curated mix of automotive, technology, design and entertainment. We made the human experience real, giving people a meaningful taste of what the future holds.