EE Game Day

Havas Play UK

Client: EE

EE Game Day:A nationwide mixed-reality gaming treasure hunt, designed to engage the UK’s gaming community and launch EE Game Store – an online destination for every gamer on any network. Supported by an integrated multi-channel campaign, the one-day event used bespoke adventure RPG builds, actors, special effects, and gaming partnerships to fuse virtual and physical worlds, inviting gamers nationwide to take part in real time, helping to solve challenges and unlock hidden gaming treasure. Hosted live on Twitch, EE Game Day kicked off with a mixed-reality live-action stunt: a choreographed gaming extravaganza, combining real-life gaming cosplay characters with bespoke AR graphics, bringing Leeds city centre to a standstill, and revealing clues for our audience to crack. Viewers transitioned to a custom-built, multi-level, multi-world game, working co-op with pro streamers to solve challenges to reveal location coordinates, in turn launching a mega nationwide treasure hunt, with gamers racing IRL to find epic prizes, having to get past Cosplay guardians to claim the gaming stash! And we didn’t stop there, digital prize drops, and Twitch subs were gifted to all participating gamers, with an epic 3-day promotion on EE Game Store, offering up to 25% off on products. Game Day was a huge success, with gamers calling for a return in 2024. Alongside smashing all Twitch engagement benchmarks, we saw significant shifts to brand metrics, whilst driving significant traffic, and in turn sales, to the EE Game Store. Lead Agency: Havas Play Production Company: Nexus Studios Stunt Choreo/Costume & Cosplayers: Swamp