eBay Garage at Goodwood's Festival of Speed

Collaborate and EssenceMediacom

Client: eBay

Collaborate, in partnership with EssenceMediacom, orchestrated an extraordinary celebration of eBay's community of car DIY tinkerers and enthusiasts at the renowned Goodwood’s Festival of Speed. This immersive experience went beyond creating a visually stunning and sustainable production; it became a hub for sharing, learning, and automotive excitement.

The campaign's remarkable success is indisputably evident in the staggering results: • Achieved one of the busiest debuts ever recorded at the world’s largest car culture event. • Boasted an impressive dwell time of 10 minutes, doubling the event’s standard. • Drew in a massive crowd of 81,000 total visitors, with a notable 20,500 actively engaged guests. • Retained an exceptional 10% of total guests, amounting to 8,040 individuals returning to the stand on the subsequent calendar day. These outstanding statistics acquire even greater significance considering it marked eBay's inaugural presence at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed (FoS). Collaborate's selection was grounded in their unparalleled expertise in open-air festival activations and Goodwood-specific experience. Beyond the triumph of the eBay Garage, Collaborate demonstrated its prowess by executing nine additional projects for five other brands at the Festival of Speed that year. This speaks volumes about their relentless and unequivocal skills in orchestrating open-air productions on a global scale. eBay's satisfaction extended beyond the event itself, acknowledging not only the stand's excellence but also applauding Collaborate's craftsmanship and creativity. The prospect of future collaboration is not just a consideration but a testament to the potential for continued dominance at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed.