EA Sports FC24

INCA Production and Uncommon Creative Studio

Client: FC24

In an old shipping yard in Amsterdam, INCA brought to life one of the biggest launches in gaming history.

In an historic moment, EA Sports launched the new EA FC game and brand identity, created by Uncommon Creative Studio (UCS). This seminal event marked the end of the 30 year partnership with FIFA and hailed a new era in sports gaming. This event had to be different. It had to herald a new identity for the game and ultimately bring millions of fans on the journey. To do this, INCA made the game to life by creating an interactive clubhouse and gaming space, with a fresh and innovative lens. INCA deserves to win this award as they produced an event that truly brought the game to life and reflected the scale and magnitude of the launch. It was a refined and elegant example of how best to marry the art and science of creating a live, interactive, impactful and infinitely memorable experience.