Dr. Martens Presents

Dr. Martens Presents, Amplify / Dr. Martens
Cultural impact through collaboration

Dr. Martens is a brand with culture in its DNA. But in an ever-evolving world, it needed to prove its relevance to a diverse youth audience. They needed a culturally informed strategy and impactful experiences that would resonate with audiences and media alike.

By uniting the creative, strategic and production skills of Amplify with the communications knowledge of Kingdom Collective, Dr. Martens partnered two agencies whose knowledge of youth culture and storytelling could redefine the brand’s role.

Dr. Martens Presents is a purpose-led platform that takes a multi-channel approach to support the next generation of talent who embody the brand’s values, engaging youth audiences with diverse cultural experiences.

Covid-19 has had a cataclysmic impact on grassroots culture, amplifying existing pressures, displacing communities and reigniting activism. With Government help delayed, and many brands going quiet, there was an opportunity for Dr. Martens to provide support. Amplify and Kingdom Collective identified the next wave of creators, giving them creative freedom to realise their ambitions and raise awareness for their causes. Supported by both agencies, talent have brought their visions to life, with diverse output from poetry exhibitions (Arlo Parks) and digital record launches (Gemma Dunleavy) to hard hitting video series (Madanii) and zines (Hotel Radio Paris).

10 artists partnerships
Expanding support across EMEA
Glowing artist testimonials
4.5m+ reach with cultural media partners
75m+ earned PR, with 641 pieces of coverage
3m+ views across Dr. Martens and artist social channels
48% sales uplift during this period