Donut Drop

Unite Students and TRO

Client: Unite Students

Following the success of their 2021 ‘Power to the Pizza’ campaign, Unite Students entrusted TRO to create a fresh and fun experiential activity that would complement their wider ‘#NoBrainer’ marketing campaign by positioning them as the obvious choice for student accommodation and help drive rebooking for 2023/2024.

Using data, behaviours and learnings from 2021, TRO delivered a customer-tailored experience never attempted by Unite Students before. The ‘Donut Drop’ concept, which played on the target audience’s love of donuts and personalisation, consisted of 55 tailored activations held in and around Unite Students properties across 18 cities around the UK, brought together students to experience the brand and their properties in a fun and meaningful way. TRO aimed to capture the imagination of the target Gen-Z audience, by creating colourful, fun and inclusive events that consisted of live DJ performances, donut trampolines, donut personalisation stations and more - all driving social sharing and content creation. Whilst helping Unite Students meet their overall campaign objectives, TRO also managed to smash their KPI’s by helping exceed launch week sales targets, increasing website views by 105% and online bookings by 400% - all whilst driving visibility of the brand across a multitude of social platforms, showcasing the genuine power of experiential.