Disney Bundle @ D23 Expo

2Heads Global Design

Client: Disney+, Hulu, ESPN

With a combined 2022 viewership of over 268 million, The Disney+ Bundle is a video streaming powerhouse with a devout fanbase of over 80 million subscribers and offering a comprehensive content portfolio.

What better place for the Disney+ Bundle to exhibit than the D23 Expo, the ultimate Disney experience in Anaheim, CA. A once every two year event where tens of thousands of fans descend to experience the latest and greatest that Disney brands have to offer. With 12,000-square-feet space right in the heart of the Expo, the Disney Bundle+ experience needed to fully immerse audiences in a world of original content that stood out amongst a colourful and crowded Expo floor. 2Heads brought together the four major stakeholders Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ and The Disney Bundle to share an immersive spotlight by creating four separate exhibitions within one, each individually design to support their unique business objectives. Using the UX of the Disney Parks as inspiration, 2Heads created immersive line experiences as exciting as the displays themselves. Interactive activations and holograms encouraged guests to take photos of themselves inside their favourite Disney film or Hulu reality show. Others took up position behind the ESPN sports desk to present the latest news. The Disney+ Stage hosted over 70 programmes to 100,000 in-person guests of D23 and captured 5,000 RFID interactions within The Disney Bundle Booth. Hosting talent such as Brie Larson, Harrison Ford and the Muppets, there was never a spare seat in the house.