Knorr, Dare to Try


Client: Unilever and MullenLowe

Knorr kick-started a global movement to celebrate World Eat For Good Day, with an experience-led campaign ‘Dare to Try’ that drove 7.9 billion views and 358 million earned media reach online. At the heart of the campaign, to authentically connect Knorr with a socially-conscious, sustainability-driven Gen-Z audience, a food-focused experience was crafted specifically for content creators. 11 TikTok Creators from around the world were invited to experience the ultimate game of Truth & Dare deep in the Mexican jungle.

A food game with a twist, the creators were submerged in water, soil and toxic gas to discover harsh food truths before being dared to eat a surprisingly tasty, planet-friendly food alternative; bugs. The inspired creators then showcased how to transform classic recipes from their home country by swapping the meat or fish with protein from bugs, creating mouthwatering dishes like Grasshopper Taco or Mealworm Loaded Nachos. All of which were made even better with Knorr seasoning. An additional 32 creators, with a cumulative following of over 40 million were delivered Knorr Dare to Try games and challenged to cook daring insect recipes at home. Over 100 pieces of content, supported with branded filter content on TikTok, drove a global Gen-Z movement and social conversation to think differently about what foods they eat and put on their plate. “Easily the best food campaign I’ve been a part of, exceptional on all fronts.” W2sixpackchef, 1.9m TikTok