Creating a Lioness Legacy

The Park

Client: Football Beyond Borders

Ahead of the 2023 Women’s Football World Cup, Football Beyond Borders (FBB) – an education and social inclusion charity – were determined to ensure the Lionesses’ crucial legacy opportunity was not missed. In partnership with GoFundMe they set out to raise enough money to ensure a generation of teenage girls aren’t left behind by:

1.Generating mass awareness of the barriers preventing young girls from playing football 2.Raising enough money to fund 100 places for young girls on FBB programmes 3.Raising awareness of FBB’s work and how the general public can support it For most people, particularly men, it’s hard to fully grasp the barriers these young girls face just by being told about them. To drive awareness, understanding and, crucially, donations we needed to make them actually feel and experience the barriers. We created an immersive experience in a high footfall inner-city location where we could target people with an interest in football and money to spare. Over 275,000 people were exposed to the experience over two days in King’s Cross. Using the experience as a base for PR coverage led to over 450 pieces of coverage including ITV News 6PM bulletin, Sky Sports and BBC News. Most important of all, £59k+ has been raised so far. This will provide sufficient funding for 128 girls to receive a full year’s worth of support from FBB’s award-winning programme in schools, providing access to classroom and football sessions focused on developing key social, emotional and life skills and therapeutic mentoring.