Coke Zero Ahhhcade


Client: The Coca-Cola Company

At All Points East, N2O brought to life Coca-Cola Zero Sugar through a unique and interactive gaming experience, adding the oohs and ahhhs of Coke Zero to the music festival for all to enjoy.

The exhilarating, fully-playable gaming experience put festival-goers into the centre of the immersive space where they could enjoy a Coke Zero, play along and win prizes. An RFID wristband enabled gamers to collect points along their journey before redeeming their Coke Zero merchandise prizes via the digital vending machine. To extend the experience even further, a top deck on the roof of the Ahhhcade opened across the weekend - unannounced - giving audiences unrivalled views of the main stage through a secret Coke Zero fridge.

Working with N2O strategists to understand the audience’s need for emotional and social value, the creative team at N2O devised the Coke Zero Ahhhcade and created the entire visual identity for limited edition, retro-inspired games which included Beat Booth, Face Drop, Can Crusher, Giant Can Claw and an InstaBooohth.

A key aim for N2O was to give festival-goers an unforgettable experience; after all, these audiences had had a year away from the festival scene due to pandemic restrictions, so we wanted to deliver a feeling that was beyond words for their much-awaited return.