Coke AI Studio


Client: Coca-Cola

Everyone dreams of being in a band, especially when attending music festivals. But, it’s not so easy to play an instrument or come up with a melody, let alone make a band.

Introducing: Coke Studio—the first-ever traveling AI-powered studio that helped music fans all across the country from Gov Ball to Bonnaroo to Lollapalooza and more to to go from music lovers to musicians—no auditions, practice sessions, or road gigs required. It all started with fans answering a few fun questions and turning their answers into fun prompts. We fed those prompts into chatGPT to create their band name and into Loudly to create their first music single. Then the studio fed everything into Stable Diffusion to create their album art which got fed into a video game engine to transform our studio into the location of their band’s very first music video—all fully automated, in a matter of minutes. These engines were trained with owned art, licensed music, and oversight to ensure that fans created original band names, original art, and original music to not only create a new AI methodology for Coca Cola North America, but also a way to safeguard artwork and music everywhere all white letting music fans become their own bands.