Coca-Cola Zero Sugar BlastWaves


Client: The Coca-Cola Company

This is Coca-Cola Zero Sugar BlastWaves, the most iconic festival experience of the year. Activating at four of the UK’s top music festivals in the summer of 2022, this eye-catching boombox activation cemented the relationship between Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and music in the hearts and minds of their target audience – Gen Z.

The brief: create an experience that results in the target audience of Gen Z seeing a relationship between Coca-Cola and music. A deep dive into target audience trends built the strategy. The insights showed Gen Z values music above all else and feel shared experiences around music connect and uplift them And the execution? Activating Coca-Cola’s Above the Line campaign ‘Feel Every Beat of Summer’, the BlastWaves headlining piece saw rippling soundwaves emanating from the heart of the stand. Flanked by two immersive Beat and Sensory tunnels, festivalgoers experienced the feel of music in innovative, playful ways with all the senses alongside the taste of Coke Zero. BlastWaves was a towering monolith at every festival - the first thing festivalgoers saw. As a beacon on the horizon, it enticed every attendee to explore it. Four trends inspired the activation – taste, experience, play and replay. They were integrated throughout the stand as bassline touchpoints to bring the joy of music to life. From life-sized headphone photo ops on the Top Deck set against the exhilarating backdrop of the Main Stage to jukebox-style sampling stands, every single moment of the customer journey fused the relationship between Coca-Cola and music.