Citadel [SECRET] Global Premiere

Amazon Studios Events

Premieres are an unashamedly conspicuous affair. All that is, but this one.

True to the espionage and subterfuge of this new spy series - and in a world-first - the Global Premiere for Citadel was a secret. A real one. Impossibly hidden in plain sight, a fully-immersive transformation of one of the most iconic venues in central London left guests still guessing where they were... even after they'd left. Ticket holders first had to find the fictional Citadel Public House, near Covent Garden. Instructed to enter the pub and repeat a password to the bar staff, guests were left open jawed as a painting on the wall slid away to reveal a sprawling concrete safe house, descending into the distance. At the heart of the sprawling bunker, ticket holders pensively discovered the safe house epicenter of Citadel’s operation, alongside all the mainstay trimmings of an archetypal premiere. Over 100 photographers, broadcast outlets and creators lined the winding walls of the experience. Little did anyone know they were actually standing centre stage at the iconic Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Opening a single door would have revealed Disney’s Frozen set, which was carefully stacked away like a giant game of the tensest Tetris. So closely guarded was the secret, only a handful people at Amazon were made aware of the location in advance. Talent, creators, showrunners, reps, PRs, marketers, and 800 guests had NO IDEA what was in store.