Bulmers Secret Orchard Finale Event 2023

Neon Agency

Client: Bulmers Ireland

The Bulmers Secret Orchard, held on September 9th in Clonmel, concluded a nationwide roadshow celebrating Irish talent. This exclusive event, hosted in the Bulmers owned scenic orchard in Clonmel, invited 450 guests, including on & off-trade competition winners and influencers. The experience featured 7 music performances, interactive engagements, diverse food and drink offerings, and branded touchpoints. Guests indulged in an overnight stay amongst the very apple trees used in Bulmers cider production.

Tasked amid trade uncertainty, Bulmers Ireland directed the Neon Agency team to create the Secret Orchard experiential platform to be activated across the summer of 2023. This encompassed festivals, partner activations, nationwide trade engagements, and a grand finale showcasing Bulmers brand heritage. The campaign objectives included establishing brand relevance, advocacy, and awareness, highlighting the orchard as a pivotal brand asset. The finale aimed to spotlight the orchard's heritage, crafting a unique experience resonating with the audience and inviting guests to explore Bulmers portfolio. The execution included nods to brand heritage, interactive experiences, branded spaces, and live music connections. With a campaign budget of €780,084 and a €340,848 allocation for the Clonmel finale, the event surpassed expectations transforming the orchard into a haven celebrating Bulmers essence, deeply tied to music. Metrics measured through surveys, social media engagement, and campaign statistics showcased a 15.2% increase in followers, 23 million impressions, 1261 social media mentions, and 12.9k unique sign-ups on the SO platform. Consumer feedback rated the event at 4.6/5 stars, praising its organisation, facilities, performances, and the delightful Bulmers experience.