Building Forever


Client: De Beers Group

De Beers call their commitment Building Forever, a holistic approach for creating a better future for people, the planet, and a commitment they wanted placed at the heart of every experience. De Beers group challenged 2Heads to incorporate sustainability in the overall strategy, design and implementation of their international events programme.

The De Beers Group is passionate about their diamonds and where they come from. They believe it’s their responsibility to help protect the natural world, and to ensure their diamonds give back to the communities where they are discovered. They are leaders in pioneering solutions to ensure our diamonds are responsibly and ethically sourced, driving positive change for the whole industry. This is a key message they wish to share with the world. The initial strategy was beta-tested at the Singapore Jewellery show, learnings from which formed De Beer’s objectives for their annual main event - JCK in Las Vegas - the world’s No1 jewellery trade event and the ideal platform for De Beers to show the world they mean business. Realising De Beers ambitions with the ‘Building Forever’ campaign included: - Showcase to the industry the stability and fortitude of the De Beers Group brand. - Bring messaging to life to drive further understanding that De Beers are pioneers when it comes to leading ethical, social and environmental standards. - Immerse guests in stories of the De Beers Campaign through a sustainably built and eco-consciously designed environment and event that was over 50% reusable and 100% sustainable