BTea Rooms

Exposure Promotions

Client: BT Group

With so much of our everyday life now managed online, accessing essential services is increasingly challenging for the digitally excluded. Recent findings show this a pronounced issue amongst the over 65s - where 25% lack skills to use the internet independently.

To help combat this, BT created an activation targeting over 65s in cities with the highest levels of digital exclusion. The BTea Rooms was a playful take on the trusted British institution, targeting over 65s on their high streets with a sociable, accessible and non-intimidating space to upskill those in need. Taking over three cafes in Bournemouth, Birmingham and Glasgow - the bespoke BTea Rooms pop-ups invited guests to come for ‘byte size’ digital learning sessions over a (complimentary) cuppa and cake. The sessions were facilitated by BT partners AbilityNet with 6 workshops developed to cover topics from ‘getting started online’ through to ‘video calling’. Each city was live for 3 days, with 4 workshop sessions delivered per day. Awareness was driven pre-event via a hyper-local analogue amplification campaign, targeting relevant community hubs, local press, radio and doordrop activations (a combined earned and paid approach). Recognising their limited proficiency online, a dedicated phone line was set up to capture sign ups and questions about the activation from potential guests. The activation proved highly successful - delivering impressive reach (including BBC radio and broadcast coverage) and impact with the target audience who attended - with 83% stating they felt more able to use their tech at home as a result.