Bombardier Launch Sustainable Vision @ EBACE

2Heads Global Design

Client: Bombardier

Bombardier, the global leader in business jets returned to EBACE 2022 with two objectives for this important aviation event: the grand unveiling of the G8000 and the launch of their vision for sustainable development of an under-pressure industry.

Bombardier looked to 2Heads to ensure a high-value experiential event that would not only launch their beautiful new jet but immerse visitors in the story behind the journey of their sustainability-led technological developments . Bombardier are committed to an eco-conscious event program to mirror the strides made in the development of sustainable aviation travel. 2Heads designed an experiential space utilising the principles of the circular economy, firstly be reducing carbon emissions by considering important changes to transport and energy. Reusable structures, walls and floors were then used with careful consideration given to a re-purposable design. Recyclable materials were creatively considered so none of the luxurious feel was lost but further recycling end-of-life was available. The event was measured, tracked and benchmarked using TRACE, the environmental impact software platform that allowed Bombardier to understand the carbon-offsetting requirements and set the marker for future improvement. The experience enjoyed 7000 visitors, hosted 1500 VIP guests and enjoyed 1 million plus views of the showstopper content and G8000 Bombardier jet launch shared worldwide. Haloed above the environment, the ‘Showstopper Content’ wall played host to crafted content that narrated the Bombardier sustainability message and geared up every hour into a ‘showstopper event’ where an immersive 3D anamorphic reel wowed audiences worldwide.