Avalara CRUSH Virtual 2021

Shiraz Creative

Client: Avalara and 82 South

Avalara CRUSH Virtual 2021 is an annual conference which explains the rapidly evolving challenges of global commerce and tax regulations facing today’s businesses. Avalara’s utmost priority was to create a unique virtual experience that was engaging and would impactfully deliver the conference’s goals and topics. Avalara came to Shiraz Creative to enhance different mediums with a new and entirely fresh solution, leading us to propose a virtual platform called ATTND.live. Our team of creative directors produced a highly immersive virtual experience that created curiosity and prompted extensive interaction, and brought to life the personality of the Avalara brand. This concept led us to design a Crush City environment for 3,211 unique attendees (51% attrition) could wander on their own and embark on specialized content topics collected in various buildings throughout the city.