This year, we’ve seen incredible growth with our active new client roster hitting a huge 117% increase. To maintain the momentum of our 2021 expansion and affirm our deservedness in ranking in the Top 50 UK Agencies (C&IT), we had to put our money where our mouth was and champion what we believe matters most - our people. By doing so we secured a 99.6% retention rate and headcount increase of 33%.

With a happy workforce, we’ve seen incredible adoption of our bespoke innovation model (designed in 2022), our new processes, applications and software that encourage unique yet grounded design. Our foundations have become stronger than ever, which freed space to scratch our creative itch. Our standout projects include showing Virgin Media (VM) as the industry leaders in broadband speed services by breaking a world-record, delivering a world-first OOH 4D billboard experience - launching Stream in 4D with VM and enhancing innovation in the Deloitte SSC for our fourth returning year. The shift we’ve seen in our workforce wellbeing has created a positive cultural change - and a considerably more productive one - that has undoubtedly contributed to the success of our noteworthy YoY growth of 42%. We credit this YoY growth to our powerful focus on our people, on human-centred design and our creative ability to keep human connection at the centre of every experience – no matter how technology focused or how challenging the brief.