“All Aboard!” the LEGO Hogwarts Express for a journey to the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter


Client: LEGO Retail

To amplify the new LEGO® Hogwarts Express set, LEGO Retail wanted to produce a standout creative moment that appealed to Harry Potter fans and LEGO builders alike. To celebrate the release, a competition was launched that would allow three families from around the world to stay onboard a real-life Hogwarts Express which included a movie screening and luxury stay in a bespoke carriage.

An engaging, Daily Prophet-inspired film announced the opening of the competition across LEGO channels and media outlets, building interest and excitement around the new product. The perfect Castle Class train – the same locomotive used for the motion picture franchise – at Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, a unique 5-mile, 6-station heritage branch rail line running trains through stunning Brontë Country, was selected to host the experience, and set against a stunning backdrop of the English countryside, like those seen in the Harry Potter films. Every detail of the creative was carefully crafted for an authentic experience: - Bespoke ‘LEGO® Hogwarts Express’ signage on the front and side of the train - Two Hogwarts-themed carriages for sleeping, watching Harry Potter movies and playing with LEGO sets - A Hogwarts-inspired feast, with treacle tarts and pumpkin pasties, hosted at the atmospheric Oakworth Station - A sweet trolley of Harry Potter-inspired treats driven by the Hogwarts Express Train Conductor Each of these elements combined to take the competition’s winners all the way from Platform 9 ¾ into the heart of the wizarding world of Harry Potter through a magical journey on the LEGO Hogwarts Express.