adidas made Originals


Client: adidas

Our ‘Disneyland of adidas’ activation coincided with the wider European ‘made originals’ campaign and delivered an immersive experience that brought together the adidas community. Taking over subterranean West London venue Ambika P3 from 30th September-1st October, we combined physical experiences and digital innovations to showcase the best of the brand and transformed the space with a bespoke creative identity that celebrated London’s aesthetic and vibe. We mashed up the past and present by paying homage to iconic brand moments while partnering with local communities to show what being ‘made Original’ means to them, providing an authentic voice that resonates with Gen Z.

Working alongside key brand partners, Blondey McCoy and Gary Aspden, we brought to life a host of immersive experiences. Including: customization workshops, skate demos, digital competitions, and previously unseen archival exhibitions. Visitors were transported to a digital ‘made Originals’ world through a personalised 3D avatar and an exclusive FORTNITE environment — playable alongside Black Girl Gamers. Both days ended with electric performances from slowthai, GirlsDon’t Sync and Che Lingo. The whole event was live streamed on TikTok, widening it to a global, public audience who could simultaneously browse and buy Originals classics of the past and present while watching. We’re proud of our results, achieving an overwhelming 58 million impressions globally. Furthermore, by using the adidas CONFIRMED app as our digital host, allowing us to deliver hyper-localised push notifications, as well as record more fantastic results, including 10,000 engagements with the app and 1,450 experience attendees.