A Taste of the Upside Down


Client: Netflix

Stranger Things Season 4 is the biggest and darkest season yet, one that dedicated fans have been waiting for since 2019. So what better way than to reward the biggest fans in the most Hawkins way possible: feed them to the Upside Down.

We started off by releasing cryptic clues through 80’s inspired OOH posters that led to our pop up experience. These clues were seeded on multiple social platforms. From Reddit channels and Discord, to Stranger Things fan accounts on Instagram and Twitter, we seeded these clues with zero media budget that led to millions of fans worldwide working together to crack the code and discover where our experience was taking place. These posters contained clues which led to an ever changing OOH poster that decayed and grew into a portal to the Upside Down. Those who dared to go through the portal were transported through an ominous upside down tunnel, filled with easter eggs from Season 4. Fans enjoyed a multi-sensory immersive experience with actors guiding them throughout. Once “safely” inside the pizza shop, fans were treated to a limited-edition ‘Demogorgonzola’ pizza, created and designed in collaboration with London Pizza chain Yard Sale, exclusively for the Season 4 launch. Those unable to make it down to the activation still had the chance to be involved. We hand-painted the same van as from the show to create the iconic Surfer Boy Pizza delivery van which drove about central London, handing out the monster-inspired pizzas to hungry fans.