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Creative Experience Agency

Campaign is looking for the number one creative experience agency. Are you delivering work that your industry peers and leading brands admire? How does the creativity in your campaigns stand out and appeal to the audience? Tell us about your best work, how you tackle briefs, show innovation and build return on investment for your clients through creativity.

Most Sustainable Company

Have you implemented a new way of operating? Is sustainability built into all your working practices? Is your office as sustainable as your events? What can others learn from the way you approach challenges while keeping sustainability at your core? How have you ensured that protecting the environment is not just an afterthought?

Event Team

Do you think you’re the best event team out there? Whether you are agency-side or in-house, we want to know why your group effort has resulted in flawless events, a rise in business and a seamless working style that others envy. When presented with new challenges, how did you come together as a team to overcome all obstacles?

Venue Team

The venue team trophy is open to all teams operating within a UK venue. How have you come together to promote your space as THE place to host live experiences? How do you collaborate to showcase the space to clients?

Staffing Agency

With personal interaction at the core of our industry, are you a supplier that provides the key personnel for the success of a live event? Is good customer service with a smile at the core of your day-to-day activities?

Brand Experience

Brand Experience Categories

Brand Experience B2C

Did your brand or agency deliver the best consumer-facing experience of the year? How did you bring the core elements of a marketing campaign to life through an activation and how did it engage with the general public?

Virtual Experience B2C

With more people attending events from the comfort of their own home, we want to hear how you used technology to create a virtual experience. How were consumers able to interact in your virtual space and how did you incorporate live elements into the experience?

Brand Experience B2B

Are you a brand or agency that has delivered a business-focused event that surpassed all expectations? How did you connect with this audience and how did it engage them through a live experiential activation while keeping in mind the core business goals?

Virtual Experience B2B

With restrictions on international travel and office closures, more events have needed to be hosted in ways they can be accessed remotely. We want to hear how you used technology to create a virtual experience for a B2B audience. How were delegates able to interact in your virtual space and how did you incorporate live elements into the experience while keeping in mind the main business goals?

Global Brand Activation

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This accolade aims to crown one international activation, be it a consumer brand experience or business-focused event. Note – it can be a standalone event in an international market (outside the UK) or part of a global series.

The Game Changer

This award will honour the best event, brand experience or supplier that led the way with a new idea in 2021/2022. It must have an element of innovation and differentiation, something which shows it is out of the ordinary or a step above the rest

Integrated Marketing Campaign

Tell us how a brand experience or wider event series was at the core of a wider marketing campaign, featuring a variety of other channels including PR, digital, advertising and social media. How did it help to reinforce the brand’s core message?

Digital Experience

How did you tie technology to a live experience to connect and engage with your audience and to maximise the reach and experience? Tell us how you incorporated tech, social sharing and digital innovations as part of your live event strategy.

Creative Event of the Year

We’re looking for how theming, design, entertainment, catering, lighting and innovation, as well as client and guest feedback, all helped to deliver an outstanding creative event, including brand experiences and industry showcases and events.

Outstanding Creative Idea

Judges will be looking for the highest quality in terms of creativity. This award is open to agencies and brands that can show the journey from a smart strategic insight to a compelling creative experience.

Outdoor Experience

It could be a sporting occasion, a movie club or pop-up, or something completely different. We’re looking for a stand-out outdoor event that uses open-air environments as part of its backdrop.

Debut Event

Have you launched an exhibition, experiential campaign or creative event that has proved its worth in its first year, exceeding all expectations? Did your live activation fill a gap in the market or leave guests wanting more?

Exhibition Experience

Whether it was one element of a wider exhibition, or the full experience, judges will be looking at how exhibition organisers, agencies and brands are making these events stand out within a crowded market.

Production Experience

Are you an event production company, supplier or agency that has worked to improve branded experiences? This is your opportunity to show how your products, services and how best practice has helped create standout work. How did you go above your call of duty to bring that extra something to a live event? This could be anything from lighting, stage, sound or other elements that have helped to bring an idea to life.

Food Experience

How did you wow customers with food? This award will go to a company with innovative thinking, creative concepts, impeccable delivery and, of course, great food. Judges will be looking for the best ways that food has enhanced a branded experience and has rightly been the focus of the event. 

Best Activation at a Music Event

Have you worked hard to inspire an audience attending a music event? This award will showcase work that has successfully connected with people at a music event. How did you elevate their experience and excite them? 

Venue Experience

We’re looking for venues that have used their space in new and exciting ways. Have you created a new or innovative way of using the space? Have you transformed your space to create an unforgettable experience? This award will honour an event space noticeably making strides in the live event industry.

Experiences for Good

We’re looking for the most outstanding work in the industry that has been delivered for a good cause. This can be pro bono work or a paid-for brief. Either way we want to see how you’ve used your creative flair to provide a positive impact. 


This award aims to showcase truly collaborative work be it with two brands working together or agency partnerships. We want to hear how and why you’ve partnered to create even better experiences.

Best Sustainable Event/Brand Experience

Was sustainability at the forefront when creating your experience? Your event may have been showing casing a sustainable product or perhaps it was key to implement the most environmentally friendly practices possible. This award will honour the project that said goodbye to throw away culture and highlighted a new sustainable way of doing things.