The Witcher Experience, Season 3 launch

Collective Studios

Client: Netflix

Netflix tasked us with exciting fans and newcomers alike for Netflix’s The Witcher Season 3. We brought to life ‘The Maze’ scene and created a physically and digitally immersive, theatrical live experience. Actors excited visitors by setting out their challenge: to defeat the Jacopace!

The Outernet’s (the venue’s) 360 screens and motion sensor technology created responsive, photoreal visuals in Unreal Engine, to recreate the Jacopace in an immersive Witcher world. Jacopace directional audio disorientated visitors whilst building anticipation. The maze experience culminated in the visitors defeating the Jacopace, captured via a “Swordbot”, which was sent directly to their phones and encouraged to post on social media. Fan-favourite scenes such as the Geralt bath scene and Belletyn festival scene were also recreated using 360 animated visuals in other Outernet rooms. Improvisational actors put the visitors front and centre of the narrative, engaging them in dramatic and powerful storytelling as well as comic moments. Our activation took over the heart of London, received 6000+ visitors over 5 days, and catapulted The Witcher to the #1 Show on Netflix’s platform for the summer season.