Spotify Greasy Tunes

Seed Marketing Agency

Client: Spotify

Spotify is on a mission to be the brand and platform of choice for Gen Z and youth culture.

But, Gen Z don’t know the world without streaming platforms, this new generation of listeners want even more access to their favourite artists, podcasters and creators, and they want to express their passion for music in exciting and new ways, rather than via passive listening and lean-back experiences. How could we create a lean-in, active experience with a generation that wants to express themselves and be part of the conversation more than ever? Introducing Spotify Greasy Tunes. A TikTok-worthy take on a traditional greasy spoon caff with a Spotify twist. The B2C experience gave fans the chance to engage IRL with their favourite creators, from music’s rising stars and established big-hitters, to the nation’s beloved podcasters and songwriters, all whilst tucking into their all-day breakfast. Music was baked into the heart of the culinary experience. Guests received their very own, unique Greasy Tunes playlist based on their choice of food for breakfast. Each menu item was linked to a music playlist and drink choices were linked to relevant podcasts, which ensured that the whole experience linked back to discovery & personalisation. 4 sold-out days 5 exclusive podcasts 9 live performances 1400+ people on waiting list to get in 56.7M peak social impressions 1 can’t-miss youth-culture moment. The experience exceeded all KPI’s, so much so that the platform will be rolled out across the UK around the world in key markets.