Plymouth Point

Agency: Swamp Motel

After all client work was cancelled in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic, Swamp Motel pivoted from immersive live brand events into digital immersive storytelling, placing audiences in central roles in narratives that unfolded entirely online. The main objective was to generate new business leads, raise the profile of Swamp Motel and unlock new kinds of virtual brand experience briefs.

The focus was on creativity, using a budget of £500 and a reliance on free to use online services.

Their debut digital production, Plymouth Point, is an immersive experience for teams of 2-6 that takes place entirely online, but feels like a real-time, high-stakes investigation. Launched in May 2020, initial audiences were 100 brand-side events and marketing professionals. Almost a year later, it continues to sell out with over 20,000 players having experienced it to date. The success has not only been commercial, but critical with 4 star reviews in The Guardian and Metro.

The show was so successful that it inspired two sequels The Mermaid’s Tongue (Aug 2020) and The Kindling Hour (Mar 2021).

As a business, Swamp Motel has thrived, almost tripling its core staff size. Plymouth Point has exceeded all expectations in terms of successfully raising Swamp Motel’s profile, attracting a transformational amount of new business, and leading the emergence of a new genre of at-home entertainment experience.