Home Run Derby X


Client: Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball wanted to engage a younger, more diverse audience whilst growing the game internationally. And they wanted to do it with a new, faster paced-format. Introducing Home Run Derby X, an electrifying new format of baseball. A simple hook into a complex sport, blending the excitement of live sport with the energy of a music festival.

Playing baseball on festival stages was a departure from any existing professional sport, so we designed an entirely new visual centre for the live event and broadcast. We transformed MLB into a progressive force with bold messaging, electrifying colour combos and eye-catching graphic styles. In 2022, MLB went on a global tour to London, Seoul and Mexico City. Each event was tailored to local culture, starting in London at Crystal Palace Park with hosts Emma Saunders and Josh Denzel and headliner AJ Tracey. In Seoul, the stunning Paradise City resort was transformed into the field of play, whilst K-Pop superstars Heinze, Crush, and Psy interspersed the baseball. The grand final in Mexico City was at historic Campo Marte, with Latin pop act Piso 21 closing out the tour. In its inaugural year, Home Run Derby X established a new live event marketing platform for MLB. A full-day “live baseball meets festival” proposition for a mass audience, it drives measurable engagement with MLB’s core business, and participation among key audience groups and provides a platform for storytelling and talent discovery. Results 25,000 fans attended in person 17m video views 1m further engagements online