Aston Martin DBX707 Reveal

Connect Live

Client: Aston Martin

Iconic performance car maker Aston Martin wanted to reveal its latest DBX, ‘the most powerful and luxury SUV’, with an event that would be seen around the world.

Tasked to create an innovative, boundary-pushing live event, Connect Live proposed a giant, fully virtual happening reflecting Aston Martins commitment to performance and to delivering experiences that feel incredible. And given the need for a big splash, where better to stage it than LH2 Studios, home of vast spaces, world-class facilities and many of the biggest, brightest Saturday night TV shows. With a 40-meter-wide fully digital set a reveal sequence was produced and timecoded with the cars dynamically driving into position. The 30-minute show focused on the cars’ styling, innovative features and jaw-dropping performance stats, all held together by Saturday night TV stalwart Tess Daly. Two hundred absent VIP customers and aficionados (due to Covid) were represented via a linear baton and the waves spread out across the globe via a YouTube live stream and custom website. Then, social media influencers came in droves to use the set-up for their own content and the ripples continue, nearly a year on. The YouTube footage has been viewed half a million times and the repurposed social media content has been watched by millions. Making the virtual experience engaging for all viewers with large broadcast technics and engaging presentation content with the reveal moment meant this was far from an ordinary virtual event and positively engaged with viewers globally. Video Reference -