ZSL London & Whipsnade Zoo Superhero Academy

ZSL London & Whipsnade Zoo Superhero Academy, Bearded Kitten / ZSL LONDON & WHIPSNADE ZOO
It’s time to save the world!

Bearded Kitten’s Summer installation at both London and Whipsnade Zoos was the first ever immersive event of its kind! The Kittens delivered a hugely successful, innovative, fun and educational brand experience to bring to life ZSL’s Superhero campaign.

The unique immersive adventure was the first of its kind and pioneering in the world of brand experiences to highlight key threats to wildlife across the world.

The event centered around the jaw dropping superpowers of the animal kingdom and used brand new technology solutions and experimental fabrication techniques to make this our most environmentally friendly experience to date.

Enrolling in Captain Z’s Superhero Academy allowed zoo visitors to harness animal superpowers through unique interactive installations, from running as fast as a cheetah to climbing on the ceiling like a gecko, and use their new powers to defeat the evil villian Plastico via a series of obstacles made entirely from recycled materials.

Bearded Kitten’s Superhero Academies attracted over 600,000 budding new recruits across a 7 week run and successfully delivered the clients key objectives to raise awareness around Plastic pollution in our Oceans and other key issues concerning animal endangerment . By combining bespoke set design using recycled materials with new technology we brought these messages to families of all ages and nationalities in a fun, memorable, Bearded Kitten - Superhero Academy!

“It’s been the best event we’ve ever had, we’re so proud of it and we’ve loved working with Bearded Kitten!”
ZSL Commercial Events Manager