YouTube Music: In Residence

YouTube Music: In Residence, Amplify / YouTube Music
Amplify + YouTube Music curate an experience inspired by musical heritage, from smash-hit documentaries to shareable installation moments…

YouTube Music In Residence was a four-day hyper-cultural brand experience designed to launch the new YouTube Music app and make the biggest catalogue in music unmissable.

Amplify simultaneously launched YouTube’s new music service to industry, artists and influencers alike. The experience design established a free-flowing world of exploration, a space that invited guests to discover rich pockets of musical culture and connect with artists across a landscape of genres.

The venue, 180 Strand, is a space usually reserved for creative and cultural endeavours rather than brand activations. We made sure guests could experience the world-class art and curation expected from such a site, that allowed our audience to dig deeper. From a headline gig by Pusha T to recreating SB:TV founder Jamal Edwards’ bedroom and backstage at the Dublin Castle, we crafted an exciting and interactive exhibition.

The exhibition established YouTube Music as a cultural beacon, bringing artist and audience closer together, creating an experiential-driven exhibition that brought people closer to the different ways music influences us, every day.

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