YouTube Music: In Residence

YouTube Music: In Residence, Amplify / YouTube Music
Amplify brought the industry, artists and influencers closer to YouTube Music. We ensured that key business aims of YouTube Music aligned with the discovery of the app

Part One: Label Drops

We began with a soft launch of the app – a YouTube Music takeover in the offices of Warners, Sony and Universal. We channeled ‘drop culture’, a streetwear phenomenon which sees a limited release of merch hit the internet. Interrupting the working day with themed food, cocktail hours and app downloads, we connected with staff at all levels. Experiencing the app like this generated a buzz around the release helping to share the core goals of YouTube Music with key people in each office.

Part Two: Exclusive Dinner

The second stage saw core music execs and business influencers invited to an exclusive lunch with head of YouTube Music and legendary music industry mogul, Lyor Cohen, who started by managing rappers for Rush Productions before leading Def Jam.

Part Three: Immersive Exhibition

The third stage culminated in a four-day exhibition, which showed industry and consumers alike that YouTube Music really has it all. The venue, 180 Strand, is a space usually reserved for creative and cultural endeavours rather than brand activations. We designed an immersive experience journeying through curated spaces that were rooted in artists, genres and music culture, curating a series of hyper-cultural musical moments that were endlessly discoverable, instantly shareable and ultimately opened up the whole world of YouTube Music.

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