Workhuman Live 2019

Workhuman Live 2019, Workhuman / Workhuman
In March 2019, the HR world came together as a community and, for three days, found a new home at the Workhuman Live conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Hosted by global recognition and performance management solutions provider Workhuman, the 2019 edition of the annual conference brought together professionals from across industries to discuss, as the name suggests, how to make work more human. Attendees had the opportunity to listen to dynamic speakers such as actors Viola Davis and George Clooney and bestselling author Dr. Brené Brown discuss pertinent issues in the contemporary workplace, including diversity and inclusion, fusing technology with humanity, and fostering empathy and positivity at work.

The open conference space allowed attendees to take what they learned in various sessions and put those philosophies into practice almost immediately. Workhuman Central, the epicenter of the event and the heart of all action, provided a place for attendees to exchange thoughts and ideas with new people, recognize and thank them for acts of kindness or positivity, and indulge in individual and group activities that not just aided their own professional growth, but also allowed them to give back to the community around them.

As is evident from the extensive press coverage and glowing attendee testimonials, Workhuman Live 2019 served as an energizing platform where likeminded people came together to exchange aspirational and actionable ideas to build an inclusive culture and unite workforces around a shared purpose, leaving the conference inspired to bring more humanity to their workplaces – and the world.