Visit #ScottishTwitter

Visit #ScottishTwitter, Flying Object / Twitter
Twitter is home to millions of interconnected conversations every day. But familiarity can breed indifference. Our mission was to nip that in the bud by giving our users an unmissable reminder of all the things they love about their favourite social platform, cementing its position as the go-to place for cracking wit, sparky chat and laser-guided social observation.

#ScottishTwitter is one of the internet’s funniest communities. It deserves a place at comedy’s Mecca: the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Visit #ScottishTwitter was a parody tourist information centre at the heart of the Fringe, taking over a hundred hilarious Tweets and bringing them to a comedy-loving audience, introducing those in Scotland just for the Festival to the country’s finest keyboard comedians.

A loving parody of the tourist visitor centres we’ve all been to: rural holiday meets cutting-edge of online humour to create an unexpected, unusual, and hugely shareable physical experience that felt nothing like branded experiential, and celebrate humour like:

@oliv1asmith: “honestly last night someone asked me if crabs think we walk sideways n a havent stopped thinkin about it since”

177 pieces of press coverage, thousands of visitors, and plenty of online buzz, all by authentically representing the conversation online, and staying true to the community.