Trattoria Moretti - The World's First 'Bring Your Own Table' Restaurant

Trattoria Moretti - The World's First 'Bring Your Own Table' Restaurant, Space, Cow PR, St Lukes / Birra Moretti - Heineken
These days, fewer and fewer people eat around a dinner table. Time together is being lost to screens, sofas and late-night working. The greatest casualties of our busy lives aren’t our colleagues or our new friends, they are those who matter most. Because sadly, they are most likely to forgive us if we cancel.

Birra Moretti wanted to do something about it. To bring people back together around the table, with an authentic Italian family spirit, to reclaim ‘Time For What Matters’. So we created Trattoria Birra Moretti. A place to meet up with perfectly served Birra Moretti and a free six-course feast cooked by famed Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo. The only catch? Bring your own table. And bring those who matter most to sit around it with you.

The world’s first ‘bring your own table’ restaurant was ticketed and open for five nights in of London. The restaurant was built in a ‘white’ event space (The Ice Tank) and had to meet both Birra Moretti’s brand world and the practical needs for Gennaro and his team, who created the menu especially for the activation.

People fully embraced the concept by bringing a variety of tables with them. One had even Gennaro’s face on it, while someone even brought an ironing board. The innovative idea captured the attention of millions through the media coverage it received. Inspiring many more to make ‘Time For What Matters’. A reminder to enjoy moments together around the dinner table with those who matter most.