Transport 2050

Transport 2050, MRG Events / TransLink
TransLink launched its regional 30-year transportation strategy, Transport 2050, with a major activation at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, running for 3 weeks during Summer 2019.

The PNE attracts 750,000 visitors each year and was identified as a high priority opportunity for public outreach. The goal was to educate people about the importance of alternative transportation means and then capture and record their opinions which will be used by the planners to formulate the strategy. Securing qualified survey responses was critical.

The transportation-themed expo featured a world-class 3D animated model of Metro Vancouver in 2050, plus a virtual reality experience to immerse users in a leisurely transit ride in the future.

The zone also accomplished corporate objectives including promotion of new Rapid Bus lines, double-decker buses, Museum Bus, HR booth, plus e-scooter / e-bike demos, electric cars and more.

Boosting transit ridership to the PNE was a major focus with the top five bus routes to PNE increasing 36% over last year, attributed to marketing and promotional efforts

As a means to offset costs and to add value to the activation, third-party financial and in-kind sponsorships were secured from ten transportation partners.

The results were fantastic… over 159,000 people through the T2050 zone, with 31,000 surveys submitted and 4,000 ideas uploaded. The model and VR game were highly regarded by the public and industry alike, and the model will be hosted in Vancouver’s Science World as a legacy from this promotion.