The Loop

The Loop, WRG
Our pharmaceutical client had a problem. Usually, their annual brand planning meeting was bolted onto an-expensive-to-attend global congress. They still needed even deeper penetration of a specific internal brand community, but couldn't justify the cost of flying out Europe-based affiliates to the Californian congress location.

So, we proposed something that had never been done before in this sector. An online festival of content that would still provide the buzz of a broadcast event, the news and happenings at the congress but also report
from brand planning activities across sites all around the world.

Interactive, convenient, and always relevant - this was THE LOOP.

Our approach to the virtual solution was not purely about delivering a meeting on a smaller budget - but in seeing it as an opportunity to give the client and delegates even deeper, more accessible, more useful
engagement than in previous years too.

The platform pulled in a consistent audience way above that of the previous year's event across the 12 days of dynamic content
that included; teaser comms, a 'live' video broadcast, blog posts, and live footage and interviews from the congress, global head office and beyond.

All participants were encouraged to live up to the platform tagline - 'Watch, Create, Participate' - with delegates commenting, discussing, and uploading their own content. The virtual event became a buzzing
conversation, amassing 34,000 page views.

Our clearest measure of success: we doubled the number of participants and halved the cost of the previous year's live event.