The Flavour Rooms

The Flavour Rooms, HeyHuman / Guinness Africa
Getting people to feel the taste of Guinness for the first time.

Taste pre-conceptions of Guinness as a dark, bitter, challenging liquid with a high ABV was limiting Guinness’ sales among younger drinkers in Nigeria.

With more choice from premium international beers, spirits and ready-to-drink formats, the new generation of drinkers are opting for newer, livelier options that deliver a new taste experience.

Guinness is known as a drink you have to learn to like. It’s said you have to taste Guinness multiple times before you like it, making changing taste perceptions in a single sampling experience a challenge.

In that context, we asked, 'What if we stopped asking people to taste Guinness and started asking them to feel it?'

We used neuroscience research to uncover the most motivating taste cues for Guinness - bold, rich, refreshing, bittersweet - and created an immersive multi-sensory playground that brought each of the taste cues to life through sight, touch, taste & sound.

The Flavour Rooms made Guinness the most talked about brand in Nigeria. Not only was it a new way of showing the liquid, but it was a completely new way for a brand to show up in Nigeria. Our experience pushed and inspired local capabilities and brought a one-of-a-kind experience to consumers that showed Guinness in a new light and challenged long-held perceptions of the liquid and the brand.