Samsung Secret Menus

Samsung Secret Menus, AMV BBDO / Samsung UK
Tasked with helping to drive consideration of Samsung amongst Gen Z and Millennials, we found that the best way to their hearts was through their stomachs (and mobile phones).

Our strategy was to position our devices as keys to unlocking desirable experiences that they couldn’t get anywhere else: creating a deeper connection with current owners and a sense of FOMO amongst non-owners.

We dug deep in to our audience’s lifestyles and interests to identify a passion for eating out and shouting about it. So we enlisted Pizza Pilgrims, Bill’s, Patty & Bun and The Breakfast Club to create a series of special dishes for Samsung but to keep them strictly off their menus. We then created a device-gated AR experience that revealed the dish but with a catch: you could only see and order it with a Samsung phone.

Through a series of social ads, engagement posts, a PR blitz and a paid partnership with LadBible, the Samsung Secret Menu popped up on millions of newsfeeds, creating intrigue and whetting appetites.
Through social posts and polls we were able to tap into people’s taste buds to see what was working and crowd source ideas to feed the development of new dishes.

The campaign not only improved brand consideration and relevance with our key audiences but also gained massive earned media value and drove a quarter of a million unique visitors to the Samsung website who were twice as likely vs the average visitor to purchase our mobile products.