Queer City: A CNN Experience

Queer City: A CNN Experience, Courageous Studios / P&G and BMW
Our goal was to amplify messages of acceptance, and prompt more people to recognize P&G and BMW as key allies of the LGBTQIA+ community.
We produced a first-of-its-kind pop-up museum and multi-media exhibit at the Hudson Mercantile in NYC. An official WorldPride 2019/NYC Pride event, and sponsored by P&G and BMW; Queer City: A CNN Experience, commemorated queer individuals in NYC.

In just four months, we accumulated more than 300 artifacts explaining what life was like for the queer community in New York City, from 1940 to today. Museum curators and experts we brought on told us this type of exhibit would typically take them 12 months to execute.

We showed Out of the Shadows in a P&G screening room, and a BMW-sponsored photo booth let people snap pictures with friends and post to social media.

During the evening, we invited LGBTQIA+ champions to speak – including celebrities, and P&G and BMW executives – and organized product giveaways. Advertisers and internal stakeholders were also invited to a VIP cocktail party, where high profile CNN talent shared their personal experiences supporting the LGBTQIA+ community, the Pride + Progress project and its importance to them and our company.

Our experiential content helped P&G and BMW further cement their positions as valued and trusted allies of the LGBTQIA+ community – with over 600 in person attendees.