Most Dangerous Street

Most Dangerous Street, UNIT9, FCB Chicago
The Most Dangerous Street exhibit portrays the grim reality of the gun violence crisis in Chicago. It’s an emotional display and we hope it motivates people to take action. The advocates’ and victims’ stories in the context of real-time shooting data is a powerful demonstration of why we need to support sensible gun violence prevention laws to protect communities across Chicago.
This project was not about earning clicks or media impressions. It was an opportunity for us to use technology to highlight an important social issue. Seeing all of the shootings physically represented by lasers in one place was a powerful, emotional demonstration of why we need common sense gun laws to protect the streets of Chicago and beyond. We hope the impact of this installation inspires people to step up, support the SAFE Act, and demand change.
The project required a lot of permits and paperwork, but it was worth every signature to bring this powerful experience to life. By visualizing all 38 of the shootings on one street, we made gun violence impossible to ignore.
Together, we can make every street safe.