Lush Creative Showcase 2018

Lush Creative Showcase 2018, Presentation Design Services / LUSH Cosmetics
The Showcase was the biggest in Lush’s history and was by far the biggest single event that PDS has ever produced. It took 177 crew, 44 trucks and three months of design and pre-production to pull off the unimaginable extravaganza that was the Creative Showcase 2018.

It’s not often that a company gets the chance to work on a project of this size involving such a high level of creativity, design and technical production; so we were over the moon when we were appointed as the sole production supplier for the event. PDS has enjoyed working closely with the Lush events team for over four years, providing production support for their UK and global events. This Creative Showcase firmly raised the bar both in terms of design and production.

We were asked to provide an unprecedented level of production, both technical and creative. All production elements of the event including the custom-made rain experience and the three giant inflatable “hot” air balloons that would take guests 15m up in the air, were designed, built, planned, installed and de-rigged by us.

PDS embodies a unique blend of technical skill and artistic talent with a renowned ability to pull off what might seem impossible in the shortest timescales. The vast array of technical production and creative wizardry required to stage this event could only have come from us and its success is testament to both the team at PDS and at Lush - and the working relationship that exists between us.