London Yards

London Yards, Imagination / MLB
In 2019, Major League Baseball made history by playing their first ever regular season games in Europe. However, MLB knew that the true value of the London Series was reaching out beyond those avid baseball fans in the stadium. Our brief was to create a 2fan festival that engaged a new, millennial audience.

To engage with this group we had to create an experience that was authentic to baseball but also appealed to the cultural passion points of our audience. Our insight was that what makes baseball so unique is what happens ‘beyond the ballpark’. Teams such as the Red Sox and Yankees have such strong historic and cultural ties to their cities and represent them on a global stage. So the London Series gave us the opportunity to present not just the best of baseball, but also the best of Boston and New York culture to a millennial audience in London.

London Yards was a 3 day festival of all things baseball that ran from the 28-30 June 2019 at the Truman Brewery. It involved digital and physical baseball activations, screenings of the London Series, ballpark inspired food and drink, and live music and DJs.

-13,115 visitors attended over the 3 days
-46% were aged 18-34
-42% were casual fans of the sport
-90% would recommend the event to a friend

-12.3M reach on social media
- 550k engagements

-MLB Network live broadcast from London Yards viewed 1.3m times on Twitter