LDN 195 Pop-Up Restaurant

LDN 195 Pop-Up Restaurant, Carousel / OpenTable and W Communications
With an eye on making London “officially the most gastronomic place on earth”, the LDN195 survey was commissioned by W Communications to cement OpenTable’s position as an authority on the diversity of culinary choices available in London.

More than 55% of respondents to the LDN195 survey - a fun audit of London’s diverse dining scene - revealed they would like to see some less familiar cuisines receive greater recognition in the capital’s restaurants and street food markets. Out of the world’s 195 countries, Romania, Goa, Slovenia, Polynesia, Armenia and the Ukraine were the ones found to be most underrepresented. Enter Carousel.

As London’s number one destination for international culinary events, we were the natural choice to bring the survey results to life on the plate with creativity, imagination and flair.

For the experience to be a success, it needed to feel authentic. We had to nail the food, proving definitively that Armenian Khorovats (that’s barbecued meat skewers) and Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls should be overlooked no more. Along with Slovenian Potato Salad, Goan Fish Curry and Romanian Walnut Bakhlava, they too deserve a place on London’s culinary map.

The dinners were a huge success. The key objective was to generate awareness through press engagement, securing quality coverage in major titles. Together we smashed that target, landing 25 pieces in titles including Condé Nast Traveller Stylist and Foodism, achieving a combined reach of 6 million people, firmly cementing Open Table at the heart of London’s culinary diversity.