Kru Live

Kru Live
It’s been a year of brave strategic decisions for Kru Live.

We focused on quality over quantity both in terms of projects delivered and new clients acquired. We qualified new briefs more thoroughly to ensure they aligned with our strategy and growth goals.

The result? 14 new strategic client wins, 100% client retention and two award winning projects.

We have demonstrated sustained growth whilst achieving a better work life balance for our teams, echoed in our 100% employee retention rate.

We provided a high profile team to front one of the biggest consumer launches of 2018. We received 100% positive feedback on the experience our team provided spanning 59,000 + experience interactions. 12 months later we are still inundated with new staff applications and client referrals who saw our team in action and felt compelled to work with us as a result.

Through The Visa Great British High Street Awards, our local teams visited over 68 high streets at street level across 587 staffing days. Their legacy was far reaching; driving meaningful engagement and delivering on campaign objectives to empower shopkeepers, revitalise the high street and wider community.

The authenticity of our teams has been the common thread praised throughout.

Rigorous briefing, fast pay terms and skill in matching the right talent to task produced consistently brilliant results and highlighted just how important staffing is in creating a successful brand experience.