Keeping Businesses Moving

Keeping Businesses Moving, Meet & Potato / Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz is an innovator in the automotive industry and has responded to changes in consumer behaviour by adapting its business, shifting the brand positioning from a vehicle manufacturer to a holistic transport solutions provider.
As part of their commercial vehicles’ strategy, Mercedes-Benz trialled new routes to market in 2018 including online reservations and popup shops. In 2019 the brand continued to drive change, reaching customers in new and exciting ways with the key business message, Keeping Business Moving.

Embracing the latest immersive technology to express their vision for the future of transportation was the next logical step. The Keeping Businesses Moving roadshow took the brand direct to consumers and brought to life the story of Mercedes-Benz today, tomorrow, and their plans for a future view of connected and electrified vehicles.

Raising the brand profile as creative innovators, Keeping Business Moving leveraged the power of the latest immersive technologies to engage and educate its target audience of commercial fleet managers, dealerships and SME customers. Visitors enjoyed the experience of 360º VR, discovering information through AR walls, and exploring a mixed reality future with Magic Leap goggles.