Journal House

Journal House, Cheerful Twentyfirst / Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal wanted to leave their mark on Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Cheerful Twentyfirst were challenged to create a space that reflected the WSJ brand. We were asked, “if WSJ was a building, how would it look? How would it feel?”. Despite an increasingly digital business model, our client wanted a physical representation of WSJ to reinforce its origins as a tangible brand.
To stand out at Cannes we wanted to challenge the very concept of what a festival venue could be. At the end of the pier, amongst the super yachts, sat an old chlorine plant. Above this structure we built Journal House; a prestigious two-storey beach house that became a communications hub for the festival. Situated in one of the most picturesque locations in Cannes, Journal House was a welcoming, integrated exhibition space where guests could reconnect and relax.
An engaging and industry-relevant events schedule supported the stunning build location, making Journal House the go-to venue at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and delivering a brand experience that went far beyond our client’s needs.